Current ISS & TIANGONG position WIDGET for your website

This free and ad-free widget displays the day/night map with current position and ground track of the ISS and/or TIANGONG in real time without location-marker (as is the case in the advanced tracker) on YOUR website. The position is permanently updated and the last calculated time is displayed in the visitor's local computer time.

Below you can set preferences for the widget. The changes are reflected directly in the preview, i.e. this is how the widget will look like on the displaying website (your homepage). The code for embedding the widget is shown further down.

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(this is what it looks like on your website, Code)


Offer unit change:
Update interval:
Offer interval change:
At startup 2D or 3D:
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Domain for the code:*
(Syntax: domain.tld)
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Embed the code on your website:

The CODE generated below can be pasted anywhere within the body-element of your website and leads to the above result (preview). The width and height of the window adjust themselves automatically (e.g. for smartphones or when the browser window is made smaller/larger). However, the window will not be bigger than the maximum specified widget size (see widget settings). Please test with the preview.


In the widget settings, please enter the correct domain* on which the widget should be displayed and read the related information below. Then the code is generated here. This measure serves to protect my website.

Important information on data protection for your visitors:

The widget does not set any cookies (!), i.e. a cookie consent declaration regarding this offer can be omitted entirely. The data is transferred exclusively from or (the TLD depends on the selected widget language). Also no data of the visiting user will be passed on to third parties (but I have no influence on the data collected by my webhoster). Based on local regulations in your country you may need to reference a third-party website in your privacy policy.

*Information on the domain to be specified:

To protect my own website, the domain of the displaying, embedding website must be specified in order to use the widget. This domain is saved and released automatically for the widget (associated subdomains are included). The data is only saved for this purpose! If the widget is used on a non-approved domain, it will not work! I reserve the right to revoke approvals for the widget or block permissions. There is no legal right to use this free widget! Unfortunately, this measure has become necessary due to misuse.

See example of the widget used on a approved domain.

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